Patient Testimonials

Dr. Yanke Testimonial

I have had to deal with several issues related to my knee for years, but the most bothersome issue had been worsening and caused me difficulty walking at all. My life had been severely impacted. I had already had arthoscopic surgery, but my conditions just worsened. Following that surgery, I had seen four doctors, two physical therapists, and even tried a chiropractor. I had been given multiple diagnoses with no clear solutions. I was actually facing a major surgery within two weeks when I saw Dr. Yanke for the first time. Thankfully, Dr. Yanke pointed us in a different direction, and performed a successful and relatively minor surgery with major impact. Four months after the surgery, my husband and I were able to celebrate our 20th anniversary in Zion National Park where we hiked every single day including the Angel’s Landing and the Narrows trails. It’s truly been a blessing to be able to be active again. We actually reside over 9 hours away, but Dr. Yanke, his office, and the hospital were all great to work with us over the phone and via email to make sure the surgery and recovery were successful. I would most definitely recommend Dr. Yanke to anyone looking for a physician specializing in knee issues.

Kim Brown

Dr. Yanke Testimonial

Last January I had fallen on the ice and had broken my knee cap. You performed surgery and stitched the bones back together. A year and a half later and I am currently taking taekwondo classes and my knee is doing excellent! I wanted to thank you for making this possible. I have made yellow belt and am on my journey to become a black belt. You rock!


Dr. Yanke Testimonial

Last year, I was involved in a pretty bad car accident that left me with a broken right arm. After initially believing I could heal without surgery, I later came to understand the break was worse than I had originally thought. This was my first broken bone, and I was in complete foreign territory. I met with Dr. Yanke shortly before my surgery where he made me feel comfortable with the entire process. Coming from a dance history, he assured me an active lifestyle would not remain in my past. He is patient in the healing process, and does not push your personal healing simply for the validation of his work. He was also incredibly understanding when I had to move only two months out of surgery. He connected me with a doctor he knew personally in my new town and made the transition quite seamless. Now, only one year out, his work has allowed me to obtain a yoga teacher certification. Now, only one year out, I am completely in debt to him in the repair of my arm. His work has allowed me a second chance at what I want to do with my life. And the scar is pretty cool too 🙂


Dr. Yanke Testimonial

The New Knee works Amazing!

Dear Dr. Yanke,

I wanted to send a proper thank you for the work you did on my knee. The joint works perfectly. I am able to take part in life in am way that I never was before; it’s like a new life.

Recently, I trekked the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. We climbed to one of the world’s highest lakes at 16,000 feet and crossed one of the highest mountain passes, Thorung La, 17,750 feet. Of course someone else carried my heavy bag!

Thank you for giving me a new way to approach the world.