Panel discusses epidemic of youth sports injuries, role of prevention programs

At Orthopedics Today Hawaii 2015, we convened a special Banyan Tree session to talk about injuries in youth athletes. This is a real problem that all orthopedic surgeons see on a regular basis — one that, I think, is still under-recognized. In this Orthopedics Today Round Table, we highlight the discussion, particularly as it relates to overhead sports, as well as how orthopedic surgeons can play a role in stemming the tide of injuries. We also talk about innovations to help with prevention and treatment, as well as the role of the STOP Sports Injuries and Pitch Smart programs.

Orthopedic surgeons are leaders of musculoskeletal care in their local communities. We need to make a greater effort to establish programs that disperse this valuable information. I encourage all orthopedic surgeons to take an active part in the youth leagues of their local communities. However, if not you exactly, then make primary care physicians and athletic trainers aware of available resources so we can keep children in the game longer, stronger and with fewer injuries.

Source: Healio

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