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ACP (Autologous Conditioned Plasma) is a substance with remarkable healing properties derived from blood and used to treat injuries and arthritis. ACP contains a concentrate of growth factors and platelets which signal a reparative process when injected into damaged tissue. A small quantity of blood is required for the procedure which is drawn into a specialized double syringe system and then spun in a centrifuge machine until plasma rich in platelets and growth factors is isolated. This plasma is then drawn out and injected into the affected joint to promote healing. The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes to perform. You may receive three treatments a week apart. ACP is a new treatment currently being researched. Your doctor will explain the procedure and the risks involved before obtaining your consent.


If interested please contact:

Kavita Ahuja, Clinical Trial Co-ordinator: 

  • Tel: (312) 563-2216
  • Email: [javascript protected email address]

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