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  • Preoperative opioid use linked with lower outcome scores after TSA

    Patients with a history of preoperative opioid use experienced significantly lower preoperative baseline and final outcome scores after total shoulder arthroplasty than patients who did not take opioids preoperatively, according to results.

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  • Anatomic reinsertion seen as preferred surgical method of distal biceps tears

    In the surgical treatment of distal biceps tendon tears, investigators of this study found surgeons preferred anatomic reinsertion to the radial tuberosity.

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  • Study links psychological distress to greater shoulder pain and disability

    Results from this prospective, cross-sectional study demonstrated catastrophic thinking and lower self-efficacy were linked with more shoulder pain and disability among patients who presented with shoulder pain and had no history of shoulder surgery.

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  • New work on knee cartilage structure to aid better replacements and injury treatments

    Fibrocartilage tissue in the knee is comprised of a more varied molecular structure than researchers previously appreciated, according to a new study by researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Delaware. Their work informs ways to better treat such injuries as knee meniscus tears – treatment of which are the most common orthopaedic surgery in the United States — and age-related tissue degeneration, both of which can have significant socioeconomic and quality-of- life costs. The team published their work this week online ahead of print in Nature Materials.

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  • Tobacco use linked with more complications after ACL reconstruction

    Researchers of this database study discovered significantly higher rates of infection, venous thromboembolism and subsequent reconstruction within 90 days following arthroscopic-assisted anterior ACL reconstruction among patients who used tobacco compared with non-tobacco users.

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