Year-round baseball in the South could lead to more injuries, according to UF Health research

Baseball pitchers are prone to elbow injuries, but pitchers who live or play in the South are at even more risk, a new University of Florida Health study finds. Blame the weather. The warmer climate that draw tourists and retirees also allows for year-round ball, which can lead to throwing-arm overuse. The paper, which will […]

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A hip and trunk training program for athletes reduces ACL injuries

With the help of the Hockeyroos UWA researchers have developed a hip and trunk training program that could reduce the high rates of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries in all levels of sport. Females are about five times more likely to suffer an ACL injury and more than half of these come from non-contact sidestepping […]

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Caregivers frequently unaware of safety guidelines for young baseball pitchers

Results of a survey presented at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting indicated caregivers were frequently unaware of safety guidelines recommended for young baseball pitchers. A majority of those reported compliance with pitch count as well as time off [requirements]; however, many of the other aspects of safe pitching guidelines were not followed […]

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Adipose Stem Cell Injections for Knee Arthritis

Clinical Trials Using the Patients Stem Cells Are Now Available

Many patients ask about the ability of stem cells to restore knee cartilage. Unfortunately we are unable to restore cartilage with an injection alone; however, we do believe stem cells have the ability to improve patient pain, decrease inflammation, and improve patients quality of life. […]

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Prompt, Appropriate Medical Care for Dislocated Shoulder Injuries

Prompt and appropriate treatment of a dislocated shoulder — when the head of the upper arm bone is completely knocked out of the shoulder socket — can minimize risk for future dislocations as well as the effects of related bone, muscle and nerve injuries, according to a literature review. The shoulder has the greatest range […]

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